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Why does your business need a social media presence?

Social media is an excellent method to have a discussion with your existing and potential customers. By engaging with those who will connect and share your brand is an important factor when looking at ranking well in the leading search engines. Social Media Marketing is a rapid channel with the potentials being endless! Constant new features and updates are being released by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat makes it hard to keep up to date! This is where Media Market Resolutions are your best option! So how do we do it, we may ask?

Social Media

We start by reviewing your target audience and cross reference this with your current social media platforms. This is a key period in the starting process. We will also ensure that all of your social media profiles are optimised for the very best of results.

Preliminary Consultation- A consultation will be held where we:
1. Review current presence if any at all.
2. Understand expectations and define realistic goals.
3. Understand the market place to be targeted.
4. Agree Budgets.
5. Design and build a strategy
6. Execute the chosen strategy and optimise presence across chosen media platforms.

Build Your Audience

After understanding your market place, we will utilize the chosen strategy to build the ‘following’ for your page. Understanding the followers is key and we take this information and build this within the strategy as the page grows. Your Page following will go from strength to strength.

Engage With Influencers

Not only do we target influencers to follow, but we will also engage with them too, meaning you get only the best service around. By working closely with your business, we are able to define a tone of voice in your posts in which is well suited to your brand’s style. For example, if you are running a business to business profile, we will keep a friendly and professional feel throughout your channels.

Social Posting

Here at Media Market Resolutions, we will also provide your business with a social post schedule system, this is able to promote content which is already on your site, and this is GREAT for SEO too! The team here at Media Market Resolutions, are social media experts, meaning they know exactly what hashtags to use for your brand. Start getting results today!

Social Advertising

Using our unique design structure we produce advertisement’s especially for social media use. Depending on brief we can design simple or very technical types including video, animations and so on. Content and tack is a very important consideration; we take great care to make sure all designs are well received by our audiences. Whether you want a simple design or a boundary pushing design, all the advertisements we produce just simply look better.

Social Campaigns

Here at Social Media Resolutions, we can also deliver specially made social media campaigns. These will be designed to drive social engagement, collect valued client data and kickstart any new products.


We will provide a wide-ranging monthly report. These are ensure to give you the most detail about your campaign. Never be left in the dark again, sign up today and know exactly where your money is going!