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What does your staff think of you?

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Often running a business we forget some of the important things. Your Stafff. Do you praise your staff for a job well done? Is it all about the negative stuff you focus on? If jobs aren’t getting done is it how you are asking? Do you set timescales for jobs to be completed? Do you do company appraisals?

These are just a few questions but have you ever thought what your staff actually think about you?

Many years ago when I was in retail management, all managers had to do a feedback session with their staff members. Now the point of a feedback is to identify what your staff truly thought of you as a leader and also as a business person. Now this is not for the faint hearted and you have to be very brave. Back in my 20’s I learnt a lot from my feed back groups, how my message was coming across, how sometimes I would forget to praise my staff, timescales wasn’t given clear enough etc. My advice is don’t go in to this thinking everyone likes you because we all have flaws, no one is perfect.

Listening is key to a feed back group. If you want your staff to be open and honest you need to listen. Don’t interrupt, take everything in what each person has to say. When done, thank them for their time, it’s important staff feel valued and heard. Then go away and really breaking down your feedback.

Firstly, don’t take any thing personal (I know easier said than done). We all have things going on in our personal life’s and in work. Again, I will say this we are all humans and we all make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t realise until someone points it out. See this as a positive thing, the better you improve, the better your staff will feel and support you. Often communication is where it goes wrong, we don’t have all the facts and jump in with both feet. Sometimes it’s best not to jump on something till you have all the facts.

Take time to think clearly and ways in which communication can be better in the work place.

  • Appraisals are brilliant for communication. You work with your staff to set out targets to achieve, giving the staff members ownership, which is their accountability.
  • Training you want them to go on to better themselves by improving their skillset and confidence.
  • Praise when they have achieved or over achieved.
  • Remember to get the negative feedback out of way first and finish on things they do good at.
  • Don’t forget timescales, if you don’t set timescales then goals would go on for some time without actually being achieved. Your staff member won’t know it’s priority if not told. Think of a traffic system Red is urgent Amber needs doing after you finished what you are doing Green it’s no rush.

I remember a store manager I worked with, he told me that not everyone is you, everyone has different learning styles, some time you have to tell someone 50 times before they start doing it, reminding them there is no I in team. For some staff showing them and hands on experience is a better way of learning.

Setting standards can help lead the way. As manager you lead others to follow and lead by example. That advice helped me with my career.

Everyone loves praise so remember if your staff are doing a great job tell them. Making some one smile is good for the sole. How many companies do you see praising staff on social media? I hardly see it. As they say sharing is caring.


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