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Selling for Christmas all year round

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Every year you see the same trends happening, it’s mid November and the news reports says it’s too early for Christmas ads

However, if you go by research people actually start shopping in January when the sales start. Although it does depend on generations.

My mum has always started her Christmas shopping in January, same with her mother.

If you also look at the trends of the supermarkets after Halloween it’s straight into Christmas.

I have heard this so many times ‘it’s too early for Christmas’. Well, if that’s what you think you are missing out big time.

Christmas is the season to be joyful, grateful, and it’s about the family and most important the children. You know it’s the start of Christmas when you see the Coke Cola ads starting or when they announced the tour of the Coke Cola van.

Holidays are coming.

For businesses starting out in 2018 here are some tips to help you.

First get a calendar map out the trends in the year. Example valentine days, mother day, Christmas etc

You want to use this to your advantage create posters for social media with the theme.

This will help you also by planning how your year will turn out and incorporating this into your business plan.

Use an app called PhotoGrid, it’s brilliant to help with costs as it’s not expensive to create posters for your social media.

If you look at google, it changes its search bar by incorporating the trending theme like Halloween etc

Selling products

Omg the mistake people make is that they don’t use the product themselves

What I mean is you advertise you have this amazing product but not much information just that it’s skin care.

You really think this is going to sell?

Step back and think about this would you personally want to buy this product you know nothing about?

What I love about younique ladies are they show you the product, they strip back and show you how to apply this product and they wear it every day. They use and believe in the product they are selling.

Using Facebook live is scary and the nerves will show but once you get over your first live video you will be buzzing after.

People buy into people

So, remember relationship marketing as this will help you with your business planning.

In my next blog I will be writing about relationship marketing, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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