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What fixing boilers taught me

My recent experience, while working with my husband helping him run his plumbing and heating company has taught me new things about how boilers work.

Let’s just be honest here I’m a woman, I’ve never really understood boilers, I know they keep the house warm that’s about it.

I found the whole experience quite enjoyable if I’m honest, you get to meet some lovely people but again they don’t really know much about boilers just that it keeps the house warm.

Mick got a call from a landlord in the Pudsey area. The heating system used in the property was boiler and underfloor heating.

The boiler had been in about 10 years but never been looked after and the underfloor heating never worked right.

The boiler didn’t look like it could be saved but, what I like about mick is he was willing to try to save the boiler which means saving customer money.

Mick stripped down this boiler, all the parts that needed to be replaced he ordered from suppliers. Mick got the boiler working and the tenants where truly grateful to Mick.

I asked Mick a lot of questions regarding boilers because I feel that we really should as consumers know how to look after a boiler. Mick was saying by making sure you have a yearly service it will help save you money long term. If you neglect your boiler then it will cost you on your gas bills, boiler breakdown or buying a new boiler.

It reminded me of my problems with my boiler a year ago, my gas bills were out of control and I couldn’t understand why the bill was so high. Mick worked his magic and got us Center Thermostat, I couldn’t believe how much money I have saved since having this.

I will post pictures, I highly recommend you getting in touch with your local plumbing and heating engineer and ask about them.

If it saves you money in the long run. As Tesco’s says – Every Little Helps.


And Underfloor heating

This has been around for over 10 years but again I’m a woman and not really known much about it, apart from Mick specialising in it.

Most visits I’ve been on the underfloor heating hasn’t been working. From my research I found they are two different types of underfloor heating, water or electric. Underfloor heating is another way to heat your home beyond Central heating.

Central heating years ago was the best thing since sliced bread but with how fast technology is moving forward, underfloor heating is what everyone wants.

But not many people understand how it works. Over last couple of weeks we visited all over the UK, visiting new customers who have really bad problems with their underfloor heating systems.

Like I spoke about boilers above, you need to service this every year but a gas safe registered engineer. It’s the same with your underfloor heating it needs to be serviced as well.

This one visit has stuck with me, and that’s not just because the boiler and underfloor heating wasn’t working.

Even though Mick saved them money by not needing a new boiler, the underfloor heating had a lot of problems and needed money spending on it. But once Mick worked his magic you wouldn’t believe we was in the same house.

The first time we arrived it was so cold and when we left this house was lovely and warm.

The customers were over the moon.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you deliver great services.


This article was originally posted on Louise Greenwood’s Personal Website

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