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The life of a Business Owner

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From being let down by suppliers to letting your customers down. Imagine having to tell your customer that you can’t fit their boiler because your supplier has let you down. Letting customers down through no fault of yours can be hard to handle, and swallow.

This highlighted the value in good communication skills.

Speak to your suppliers regarding time scales, make sure you have an email for confirmation from your suppliers with expected delivery times on them.

When booking your customers’ in make sure you allow a day between supplier delivery and fitting just in case something happens

That way you have time to discuss options with your customer, deal with the suppler and in the end, the customer will be far more satisfied with your services. Recommending you to others (which is free advertising).

When you are the only one running your business, or even if it is couple of you, it’s hard to do everything yourself. When your spending time answering phone calls, emails and social media enquiry’s before you know it, its 10.00am and your due at a customer house in like 10 mins – that’s your day gone to pot. So how can you make improvements?


Planning your time better

Not everyone is good at planning, because we get lost with running a business, family etc.

it’s like juggling balls in the air.


Step back and breath, take baby steps.

Try planning the night before, and build up to planning a couple of days in advance and them a week etc

Soon you will be planning further in advance.


When it comes to social media planning, Facebook allows you to schedule posts up to 6 months in advance, which will help save you time day to day.

Hootsuite is great when you have a few social media accounts. Keeping the content all in one place and sharing it widely across all your social media platforms from one easy to use dashboard. (Hootsuite has recently changed its free package deal, so you would need to check on which package will suit your business).

You could also make your website contact page a ticket support system, or even add this additionally to your website without changing your contact page. Apple use this system when you have a repair in store you go in to a ticket support system which depends on the Priority.

I recently was in apple shop and they give me the idea of helping businesses with the ticket support system. I asked one of my clients to try it and he found this a massive help with managing his enquiries. He could plan what was the top priority and transfer that into his daily plan. It saved him time and was more productive in his day to day business.

Adding a booking system to your website is a great way customers can book appointments that suit them around your current plans. I really good booking system will allow payments to also be made for the services booked in for.

Without a booking system you end up playing tennis with your customers. You get an enquiry, you go to give them a quote, they accept, next thing its booking customer in. you give a day you can do the job. They turn round and say no. Back and forward, you go until you are dizzy trying to set up a time and date to suit you both.

This is where the booking system helps you save time but also helps your customer booking online when they know when they will be at home.

If you are planning on having a booking system with a payment method make sure your T & C’s are spot on to cover them.

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