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Negative Feedback: Comments and Reviews

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We, as business owners, hate it when we get a bad review or a negative comment on a post.

Whilst writing this it reminded me of a visit to a shop, I was trying on some trousers and heard the business owner of the shop saying to another business owner, how do you deal with bad reviews? How do you deal with negative comments?

I was laughing to myself because I have heard this so many times when I’m out shopping.

I had to continue to listen because I’m simply a woman and I’m nosey hahaha.

He went on and said Google is the worst. His open times are 9am till 5pm and someone put a review of 1 and comment was “would be better if you opened till 6pm”.

Another was on his selling sites (example his own website, or eBay). Each item states when its expected delivery time will be. He got a complaint because they didn’t read what it said. Customer expected it next day.

I decided to give him some advice.

Firstly have something typed out (like auto response) that you can reply back (copy and Paste) it too the review or comment.  You may think I’m mad for saying this but stop and think about it. When you get a bad review you could write something that comes across in a bad way. By having something you can copy and paste this gives you time to think about the situation carefully. If you instantly replied and your words came across wrong your future customers will see this and may thing twice in buying from you.

I asked the shop owner if it would harm him by staying open till 6pm, his reply was no.

I offered to reply back to this customer that give him 1 star with the following:

We thank you for your feedback and have decided to open till 6pm thank you so much for your comments. We love feedback from our customers.

End result? The customer changed the review to full stars.

These are just simply changes to help you with your day to day run of your business.

In regards to the delivery time review, I spoke to him about his business and he showed me his website clearly identifying where it states delivery times etc and the same on eBay.

I just said “you have covered yourself as a business, we as the consumer do need to read things on websites, eBay etc better. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’”.

It’s funny because I remembered ordering off a website and this was on a Saturday, I placed my order and it said your delivery will be in 6 days time, I was happy with that.

Tuesday I got a text saying it was coming that morning Bonus lol.

It’s better to overestimate than underestimate


My advice with reviews are if you have made a mistake own it.

Take responsibility, apology and make sure you put it right. Don’t be too hard on yourself either we are human and everyone makes mistakes, just learn from your mistakes.

To combat bad reviews, have a complaints procedure in place that you can follow when responding, this way each bad review is treated the same, and even if you are annoyed at yourself you treat the customer with respect rather than letting your frustrations come through in your communications.

As a consumer I personally wouldn’t write a bad review without giving the business a chance to put it right. Again, this is how I would deal would go about it, not everyone is as generous though.

I have seen businesses so upset because it’s the first they have heard about it from a review and that can knock a business confidence.

When I was talking about your reaction for a business to reply to a negative comment, consumers are the same, because we are very upset we go straight on to Facebook or google and write that review.


Well you know you haven’t dealt with this customer.

Reply back “Dear XXXX, from our database we don’t seem to have you on it. Would it be under another name or have you got the wrong business?”

Most cases they will just disappear but what’s good about this reply is future customer will see your reply and it wont damage you.

What I’m trying to say is we as businesses and consumers we get mad and upset. we are not perfect, we are all going to make a mistake in a life time. Let’s go about it in a better way.


I have seen many negative comments on people’s post’s. This one bugs me so I am sharing with you all.

Your friend starts a business, and when I say business I clearly mean every business, whatever the business it’s a business. None of this MLM Business.

You pay tax, you are a BUSINESS (end of in my opinion.)

I have seen so many times on my news feeds negative comments about such businesses. If some has decided to take a chance, someone in their friends, family circle will have been negative towards them.

I have a Friend that trusted one of his close friends to show him an opportunity to make his and his wife’s life better. He grabbed that opportunity with hands and feet and I’m so proud of him a year later still going strong.

He put up with a lot of negative comments and he reacted to some of the comments because we are human and we go into protection mode. Can’t blame him if I’m honest.


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