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How has change of social media affected business growth?

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In this blog I will be writing about how social media helps businesses grow and develop. Also how social media has changed over the past few years and why it is good for businesses. For this blog I have done a lot of research to find out how many users were using these social media sites and research the companies that use them.

Social media is always evolving. They allow people to know about a product or a service. One of the main sites to do so is Facebook. This would surely come as no surprise due to everything that can be posted on Facebook then shared.

A recent chart showing how much has been shared on social media sides. These include as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest and Google+. Meaning that to sell something or to enhance a company’s brand or name Facebook would be a prime site to use to maintain a status with a company or to even start a business.

With the research I did, I managed to find out that 96% of marketers use social medias as a marketing tool. 92% of marketers believe social media plays a big role in business to their clients. 22% of marketers have been using social media for more than five years and that 84% of marketers have integrated their social media marketing activities as well as traditional marketing.

Twitter plays a big role in social media for businesses. Twitter is an important one. This is because Twitter has over 1 billion users and an estimated 320 million active users. 100 million users use Twitter daily. Major gaming companies like PlayStation or Xbox use Twitter in order to promote new games/release. Food companies use Twitter to show what can be bought. This will help business in terms of raising awareness for the product.

This chart here shows the use of Twitters since 2010. The amount of Twitter use would benefit companies massively. Over the years the chart shows us that Twitter is being used more and more. Especially by major companies.

Instagram is uprising social media which has had a 25% increase in users in less than year. 500 million users worldwide. Instagram is good for business growth because it is known most commonly for uploading images. This is good for any business because showing an audience physical imagery can let people know what they are about to buy. This is good for a business that sells clothes, foods or anything that is being sold in general. This can be seen as a very good way to make publicity for the business because of the popularity that Instagram. A statistic that proves that is that in 2015 alone 90% of Interbrand 100 companies have Instagram.

From my personal experience with social media I’ve often been able to find out about special products and services from all kinds of social media sites. Mainly from Facebook because I can like the pages and get immediate notifications.

Snapchat has its advantages. Snapchat is a very popular form of social media too. As shown in the chart below Snapchat is of the most popular forms of social media. With its popularity it is easy to make publicity with products. I know this because Dominos began using Snapchat and said that they saw a staight increase in orders. This shows that any form of popular social media can attract a large amount of attention and have a direct affect on sales etc.

In summary, regardless of what type of business it is, they all need social media. This because social media has allowed businesses to expand in creating awareness. More and more people are joining Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc which creates opportunity for businesses to attract more and more potential customers. Without social media it is more difficult for businesses to make create publicity for their products and services. 2016 has seen a boom in social media use so in order to create buzz for a business social media is a definite use.

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