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How can colour strategy help a business?

Macdonalds, Media Market Resolutions, Leeds

Before we talk about the benefits of colour strategy we need to know what it is. Colour strategy is the use of colours that are used to make a customer associate the colours with the business. For example, McDonalds use yellow. Yellow is often seen as a joyous colour. Which fits perfectly with the McDonalds slogan of “I’m lovin’ it”.

The reason why McDonalds has always always thrived regardless of what year can be thought back to the colour used. The image below here displays the evolution of logos from McDonalds all the way back to the 1937. From somewhere in the 1940s until the present the day the use of yellow has always been used. Obviously used to demonstrate the joy that is McDonalds. As customers we can postulate that the key emotion we would like to feel when viewing a product is happiness. Since McDonalds have been doing this so long we can speculate that the colours used are a pivotal part of their success.

One of the cons in relation to colour strategy for a business is that sometimes customers don’t view the colours as most people would. At times the way that the customer views the logo depends on nothing more than personal experiences. Which is why perhaps a customer may not like the business because the colours used are associated with a negative experience they have had. 

There is definitely a reason why the use of colour strategy has been so prosperous over the years for different types of businesses. The reason being that the use of colour strategy allows us, the customer, to percieve the colour however we want and then build an opinion on it. We can associate the colour with its generic connotations or we can associate it with a past event which can steer us towards the product. As long as the business can make us feel something with the colours used then it’s a win for the business. The colours can associate to the uniform worn by the employees or the colours used in the building of the company.

In summary, if you would like a strong brand name it starts with a strong use of colours. A brand that uses colours that customers see will immediately cause some sort of emotion. When that is done then perhaps when customers will see that colour it will remind them of your business and want to come back. 


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